Save the “Dirty” Page! This Plugin Provides You Refreshing, ad-free Reading Experience

If you open a web page like this …

Menus, ads, Banner, Logos, messy colors may suddenly make you feel dizzy, and even the interest in reading is greatly reduced.
Obviously is want to see the content, so many scattered elements on the Internet not bothered!

Today is a Chrome plugin that lets you experience a refreshing, ad-free thrill when reading a website like this. Named Fika, this plugin is designed to quickly convert your Web pages into reading mode and enjoy a Kindle-like look.

Easy to use, after opening the Web page, gently click on the plug-in icon, a converted format of the page will be displayed in front of the eyes. The actual experience, the speed of conversion is very fast, in the same type of plug-in has the advantage.

Fika has four themed modes, namely, pure white tones, soft pure wood tones, dark blue tones and beloved black hues. While reading the text, you can also protect your eyes to some extent.

After using Fika, you will find that the title of the article will appear at the top of the page, and in the title format, the suffix will bring the name of the site.
Web Center is text content, focus on rendering.
On the left is the catalogue of articles, and if the article has an obvious paragraph format, here you can quickly master the content of the article and jump quickly. There is an arrow on the right, and there are many options that can be set, such as font size, focus mode (turn on full screen), and so on.

More intimate is, for different languages, Fika have the corresponding fonts, whether it is Chinese characters or foreign languages, you can find the pleasing one to read.

The point of the Kindle’s emergence is that we have a device that can concentrate on reading and not be disturbed by the outside world.
Fika is doing as much as the Kindle, and that’s what it means.
Look too much full of ads, and even dynamic banners and text scrolling pages, then open a pure text page, carefully arranged, can be full screen and dark mode, very friendly to the user. After reading the ESC on the keyboard or clicking the plug-in icon in the top right again, you can launch the reading mode, and then go, quickly and easily.

Fika is a Swedish culture that refers to people stopping to drink coffee, referring to a wide range of meanings, which has become a state of mind and psychology for Swedes, an attitude towards people and life. In Sweden, everyone says “s go” and fika every day.
It’s part of their exchange of feelings and rest.

Fika in the Chrome plugin should also borrow this meaning, let us in the life of browsing the web, with their own, the outside world, spend a happy time. Although our Kindle often eats ash, I don’t think everyone should forget that there is also a Fika on the page.

Experience, I will have a lot of odds to turn on this feature. Such a Chrome browser with a reading mode, I would advise you to experience it.