Steam Praise Rate History First, Won the Independent Game Award! What exactly is the Fun of This “Push Box” Game?

“Baba is You” in Steam’s 795 user reviews only 6 poor reviews, 99.2% of the praise rate means that it has actually gone beyond the story of the KEY Sheqi downstream play “star Dream” 98.9% praise rate, in the official release half a month after the success of the top Steam historical reputation list first Name (although it may be shown in second place due to an algorithm or data update problem). However, if you try, the game designer will soon tell you who is the real “Dad”–Comment area The most common comment is “I think I have a mental problem.”

At first glance, this is nothing more than a push box game that is thrown into the ocean of the vast independence game-the basic interaction of “Baba is” is really the old push box play. However, it is a genius’s inspiration to take last year’s Independent Game Festival (IGF) “Best Game Design Award” from the best game siege, such as “into the Breach” and “Dig for Ascension”, and is a gifted one: allowing players to refactor the rules of the game themselves to achieve their goals.

In fact, BABA is a character in the game, an unknown creature that looks like a rabbit (and will soon meet the unknown Creature No. second KEKE of Loins), and the title of the game faithfully reflects the core concept of the work: logical assignment.
You can’t understand the title of the game in a natural language, but you should read it in a programmatic way: “BABA is YOU” doesn’t mean “BABA is you,” but represents “YOU” (what the player is manipulating), an attribute that is given to BABA, which can also be given to other objects. Therefore, players in the course of the game control is not only BABA, but also may be stone, walls, flags … And so on, and players should be flexible to use this mechanism to change the rules of the game, to achieve customs clearance goals.

At each level, the current rules are made up of word squares (boxes) that are scattered throughout the map.

For example, in a typical level, there are two grammatical rules that consist of three squares arranged sequentially: “BABA is YOU” and “FLAG is WIN”, in which case they try to get BABA to touch the flag on the map to pass. But at the same time, the game is constantly challenging our subconscious intuition and stereotypes. Rules change with the level, so many of the laws we think are natural may not hold true at the current level: the protagonist control is not necessarily BABA, the clearance conditions are not necessarily encountered by the flag; Many preset rules are also contrary to common sense: walls that are not given the “STOP” (Block Movement) attribute are free to pass through and are given a ” Doors that PUSH”(can push) rather than”SHUT”(close) properties do not need to be opened with a key, but can be pushed straight away … Always keep in mind that rules that are not written are not rules.

The core play of the game is to let the player in the way of pushing the box to change the position of the word block, so as to destroy or change the original rules, so that “YOU” contact with the “WIN” clearance conditions.
Of course, designers do not allow players to set rules at will, and word blocks must be arranged in a certain syntax to take effect. Abstract concepts such as “PUSH””MOVE””WIN””STOP” must be placed behind noun squares such as “BABA””FLAG””LAVA” and connected by the logical word “IS”.
The currently in effect will be highlighted, or you can go to the Pause menu to view a list of all currently effective rules. What about being trapped in a room?

Quite simply, just destroy the “WALL is STOP” rule and you can go straight out: Can’t get the flag?

Then change the victory condition to touch the stone: Or a little more insane, directly change the victory condition to BABA itself-when “YOU” and “WIN” two attributes are given to BABA at the same time, nothing can be done directly to pass:

Because the game allows players to freely change the rules, so in the relatively simple upfront level, can be creative to come up with a variety of clearance methods, so that to find as many solutions as possible has become my main fun. For example, in “AFFECTION”, the preset condition is that the character touches the love that surrounds the algae to pass, but once it encounters the algae, it will die.

One way is to give the algae the “MOVE” (cyclic movement by a certain route) attribute, allowing the algae to push their love to BABA on their own: Or will the “MOVE” attribute give love, let love themselves run out of the water algae blockade:

Can also start from the algae, so that it can be pushed, pushed away after the direct access to the room to take love: It’s also a good idea to turn all the water algae into love:

In this way, I in such a level before and after the reflection of seven or eight kinds of clearance methods, the use of creativity can indeed bring a great sense of accomplishment. The depth of the game mechanism provides a living soil for a variety of “craftsmanship”, so that even after I clear the customs, I will still be surprised to see the solutions of others in the video: “Ah?” Can you still play like this?

All in all, the rules of freedom make every level of Baba is like an interesting adventure, and challenging puzzles are enough to satisfy players after successful customs clearance. It is no wonder that the players who have always been picky are full of praise for the game, even if the game only provides English version (the mechanism also decided that it is difficult to be translated), so far the only Chinese poor review is only suspected of the existence of bugs, the excellent game design can be seen.

The success of “Baba is” is undoubtedly a tribute to creativity in this era, but the birth of creativity is by no means “wonderful hand”, it also needs to repeat practice and polishing-Network name Hempuli developer Arvi Teikari Although he is still a student at the University of Helsinki, The homepage is already a list of the dozens of separate games he has been involved in making. Perhaps it is these rich practical experiences that have brewed the amazing charm of “Baba is.”