Subscribe Apps with This Method Can Save Your 50% Money

More and more applications or services are starting to use subscription charging models to support long-term application maintenance updates, some of which are pro-people, but some of which are really expensive. Fortunately, there are also many subscription services that have introduced a home subscription model, and if your family happens to need to use these services, it’s better to subscribe to the home version together. This article describes some apps or services that offer subscriptions in Home Edition mode.

Microsoft’s Office series software has always been known as “expensive,” and the price of a single app starts in four digits.

Fortunately, the 2011-year subscription version of Office Services Office 365 was officially released and landed in China in 2014. In the first two years of the double 11, Office 365 human version of the promotion price was reduced to ¥99 and ¥199, but this year there is no discount, Office 365 home version seems to be the most cost-effective solution.

The personal version of Office 365 now sells for ¥398/person/year, while Office 365 Home Edition costs as low as ¥83/person/year (Office 365 home subscription fee is ¥498/year and can accommodate up to 6 members). In terms of services, the Office 365 Home Edition is more than the personal version, and each user in the Office 365 Home Edition can enjoy a service equivalent to the Office 365 human version, without discounting.

These services include:

12 months of subscription period;

1TB OneDrive cloud storage;

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access apps;

Can be used on multiple windows/mac, tablets and mobile phones;

Unlimited device installation Office, but a single account at the same time online device cannot exceed 5 units. You can purchase the Office 365 home version on Microsoft’s official website.

ICloud storage is a very useful service for users of the Apple ecosystem, and simply log in to the same Apple ID account to seamlessly synchronize files between multiple IOS devices and MacOS devices. Apple provides 5 GB of free ICloud storage for each Apple ID account, but for medium to heavy users, this capacity is almost a drop in the bucket, and additional capacity must be subscribed at a cost of ¥6/50 GB/person/month, ¥21/200 GB/person/

month, ¥68/2 TB/person/month. If your family can form a “family sharing” of a total of 6 people, then the fee can be shared in the family group, the price is as low as ¥21/200 GB/6 person/month, ¥68/2 TB/6 person/month.

Although the cost is reduced, we can also see that the entire storage space has been diluted. Apple Music is also a favorite service for many Apple users, with ¥10/person/month slightly higher than the subscription price of other music platforms in the country. However, if you can subscribe to Apple Music as a “family sharing”, the price can be as low as ¥15/6 person/month.

Each member of an Apple Music home subscription can enjoy a service that is no different from a personal subscription, including:

Unlimited access to the entire Apple Music catalog;

Get music that is recommended according to their personal music preferences;

Create its personal ICloud music library. You can set up home sharing on iOS devices and MacOS devices, buy more ICloud storage for the entire homegroup, or get Apple Music home Services on iOS devices, MacOS devices, Android devices, and more.

Home subscription services are also available in the world’s best-known password manager 1Password.

The personal subscription fee is $2.99/month and the minimum family subscription fee is approximately $/month (1Password home subscription starts in $59.88/year and can accommodate up to 5 members, each exceeding 1, with a fee increase of $/month).

Each member of a 1Password home subscription can enjoy a service that is no different from a personal subscription, including:

Used in IOS devices, MacOS devices, Windows devices, Android devices, and more;

Unlimited addition of passwords or items, 1GB file storage;

Check the history of the year and restore the deleted password;

Safe travel patterns across borders;

Additional dual-certification protection;

Members of a home subscription can also enjoy the shared password service, and family creators can edit the permissions of family members. You can try out a 30-day home subscription service on the 1Password website, or learn how to manage 1Password home subscriptions through an article on the official website.

The poor experience of the Mac App Store over the years has allowed a large number of high-quality apps to be released on their own, while Setapp has a unique approach, bringing together a wide range of paid apps to form a subscription version of the third-party app Store, including the famous note-taking app Ulysses, the prestigious

Cleanmymac and so on are available in Setapp.

Setapp Personal Subscription version costs $9.99/person/month and the minimum family subscription fee is approximately $2.5/person/month (Setapp Home subscription fee is $179.88/year and can accommodate up to 6 members). Each member of the Setapp home subscription can use the apps used in Setapp, including Cleanmymac X, Bartender, Bettertouchtool, iMazing, MoneyWiz, Paste, Timing, Ulysses (MacOS and IOS Edition) and more.

It is also important to note that Setapp family members can use Setapp on only 1 Macs, while home creators can use it on 2 Macs. You can learn how to purchase a Setapp home subscription service in the Setapp official website article. On the official website of Setapp also made it clear that family subscribers do not need to come from the same family, and several friends can also form family subscriptions.

Music streaming services Spotify has won the favor of many music lovers with its high quality recommended song list. Spotify uses the Free + subscription model to subscribe to Premium to enjoy unlimited songs, no ads, offline listening songs, high sound quality and other services.

Spotify Premium Personal subscription fee is $9.99/person/month and family subscription fee can be as low as about $2.5/person/month (Spotify family subscription fee is $14.99/month, up to 6 members). It is important to note that Spotify makes it clear that the home subscription program applies only to “you and up to five people living at the same address.”

If family members do not reside at the same address, they may be disqualified from family planning. You can learn about Spotify subscription information through this article in the minority: the world’s largest music streaming service: Spotify subscription Guide.