Apple Music allow $99/year subscription without the gift card

Apple -Music

Apple Music adds a new option within the Music app which allows people to buy a full year of service access with $99 without the gift card.

Previously (specifically from 2016), people should buy one year subscription of Apple Music with a gift card for $99, but now, Apple adds a new option on the app, and allow people to subscribe it without the gift card. Continue reading

How can Totally Uninstall Application Purchased from App Store on Mac

uninstall application purchased from App Store

Apple’s App Store is a good place that integrates the app download, install and purchase services and features, and the Apple users can easily get a new application on their computers. However, when it comes to uninstall the application, some people may be not clear about the specific removing steps.

General ways to uninstall app purchased from App Store

Option one:

  • Click on Go on the top menu, select Applications
  • Locate the app you need to remove in the Applications folder, and drag it
  • to the Trash
  • Right-click on the Trash, and empty it

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