Hackers Attack Emergency Sirens in Dallas

Screaming sirens in Dallas became out of control and annoyed the residents in the early morning at Saturday, which can’t be turned off and continued to sound for nearly 90 minutes. And Technicians reported that the siren system had been hacked.

Hackers Attack Emergency Sirens in Dallas

Sirens in Dallas are usually used to warn extreme weather, but at 23:42 local time (04:42 GMT), it started to be activated and serenaded Dallas residents, and can’t be turned off until 1:20 a.m.. Continue reading

$30 Million Stolen By Hackers Via College Student Loans Tool

hackers are anywhere in our life on the Internet, and now, Fraudulent tax returns have been a hot issue for the IRS, and they just encountered $30 million from the US government were stolen by hackers via a financial aid tool for college students.

Hackers stole money

Financial documents online is always the target for the hackers, and they would take more sophisticated and tricky measures to get these info for getting the money. And this time, the hackers just stare at a financial aid tool – a free application for federal student aid. Continue reading