Listen to Podcast – The Free and Nice Look Podcast App

There is no shortage of excellent third-party podcast apps on iOS, from Overcast to Castro to Agora 2, and these podcast apps are designed with great emphasis on design and experience. Today, I recommend the Listen to Podcast, which is also a high-value podcast application. Its background uses a combination of black and gradient colors. The gesture-based interactive design also makes the application experience more natural and smooth.

The Listen to Podcast gesture is very simple. You can switch between the “My Library” and “New Episodes” pages by swiping the edges, and swiping to the left to add a show. However, compared to Agora2 , a podcast application that also uses gesture design  , the effect of Listen to Podcast is much weaker. In addition, it may be because the iOS and Android versions of Listen to Podcast use the same design style, and the application as a whole gives a “mashup” feeling. Continue reading

5 New Applications That We Recommend You Try Them on Your Devices

This week we have selected 9 apps worthy of attention for you, so let’s see what you are interested in.

Storyluxe: Vintage paper come out of

With the improvement of the public aesthetics, the puzzle applications that will make the amount of information on the screen seem to have been improved for a long time, but this Storyluxe, which was recommended for the new app in the App Store last week, is still worth seeing. Storyluxe placed the picture in a piece of retro photographic paper, arranged in an orderly manner, and seemed to reveal some retro flavor. The border alone may not be enough to blend the picture, retro filters are also required, and uniform filters can better coordinate different picture materials. Continue reading