A Simple Step Shows You How to Skip Web Video ads on IOS

Video sites are used to plugging in a piece of advertising before playing a positive film.

If you only occasionally open the Web page to see the video, in fact, you can use this ios”with the” side to achieve fast forward:

When the web video starts playing, slide on to open the IOS control center;

Press or tap the part in the upper-right corner to open the music playback interface; Quickly drag the progress bar to the end. Continue reading

Reminder 2.0 – The Better Version to Give You More

The minority has introduced the “Reminder” that comes with the system into an iOS 11-style Reminder. Today, Reminder developers have updated version 2.0 for it, bringing a whole new set of features that make this app even easier to use.

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Gmail For iOS Gets New Anti-Phishing Feature For Suspicious Links

Want get more protection on iOS devices and avoid those dangerous phishing attack? Google introduced a new anti-phishing feature for Gmail on iOS devices in recently, which will display a warning when people get a suspicious link in Gmail message.

Gmail For iOS Gets New Anti-Phishing Feature Continue reading