SWRLY – An Amazing Photo App Which Can Save Your Money If You Try to Buy New iPhone

With the launch of the IPhone 7 Plus, the portrait pattern began to sprout in the soil of the smartphone. Two years, the image pattern of the algorithm is constantly powerful, the keying is more granular, the virtual simulation is more real. So, how to make a unique portrait of a person, has become the direction that many people explore. The swrly to be introduced today can add a whirlpool effect to your photos and go back to the past years.

In the 1840, the world’s first practical portrait lens Petzval was designed, and its advent made it possible to portrait photography. Before that, it would take a few minutes of exposure to take a picture, which is deadly for portrait photography, and few people can stay motionless for a few minutes.

The biggest feature of Petzval is that its imaging effect outside the coke is whirlpool, although this effect is due to technical constraints, but in portrait photography there is no flavor. Continue reading

iPhone Access Restriction Function is More Great Than You Might Think

Today’s mobile phones are no longer simple communication devices, but a portable device that is close to “all-round”, even children have to be fascinated by it. If you want to buy an iPhone, or replace yourself with the iPhone for kids, but worry about the child’s addiction to the phone, or lack of cognitive reasons, the software is overwritten/downloaded, the phone is overcharged, and browsed to When you have bad information, etc., try the “Access Restriction” feature that comes with the iPhone, which will solve your concerns to some extent.

How to open access restrictions

“Access restrictions” are created by Apple for parents to block or restrict specific applications and features on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, also known as “parental controls.” Continue reading