What Free and Useful Applications for Mac? Read This Article and Get the Tips!

For a brand new MAC, in addition to admiring its wonderful industrial design, there is one very important thing, is to install the first batch of software on the MAC. In general, this first batch of the software will always be accompanied by our daily life, office, entertainment, so can be installed at the beginning of these excellent applications, is definitely a good way to improve your surfing experience.

▍The Unarchive: Unzip tools

MacOS is not very good at processing compressed files. If you don’t have any software installed, you can only choose to compress it into. zip or unzip the. zip file, which may sound a bit of a chicken rib. And the Unarchiver as a fairly conscientious decompression tool on MAC, supporting the decompression of RAR, 7-zip, Tar and other commonly used compressed format files, but also can open ISO, EXE and other types of files, full-featured and free.

▍CheatSheet: Shortcut Key Tips

If you want to do that kind of flow on your computer, the use of shortcut keys must be the most important. But don’t say the shortcuts to other software, you probably don’t even know one or two of the shortcut keys you bring with you. What if you’re still searching for “XXX’s shortcut keys? “, That must have not met CheatSheet.” Before using this software, you need to check CheatSheet in “System Preferences-security and privacy-privacy-accessibility” in most APP interfaces and press Command-⌘ directly to exhale all the shortcut keys of the software, which can be said to be very convenient.

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Recents – Customize Your Recently Used Files on Mac Easily

The general way to open a file is to find the file double-click to open or open the app to open the most recent file.
The use of files that open the same software is very fast by conventional means, but to often open different files of different software, the speed is significantly reduced. Recent is a MAC app that solves these problems.

At this time, an unwilling to give the name of the melon crowd out, “finder has the most recently used Smart folder, I open there is not to come?
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Design Camera – Your Easy 3D Mockups for Mac

Design Camera is a small but powerful app on your MAC that allows you to generate a designer-level app product brochure or video with a silly operation.

Applications such as Onescreen can give screenshots of the case and add a fancy background.

In Design Camera, you can customize more content, and the resulting product promotion chart looks like it’s from a senior designer, and you just need to provide a screenshot or a video. Open Design Camera, drag the footage into the window, and the app will generate a “plain” shell map. Design Camera supports PNG, JPG, AVI, MOV, and mp4 files. We can also have Design Camera read the iphone’s screen in real time, connect the iphone to your MAC and click the “Data Cable” button in the upper-left corner of the window.

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How to Upgrade to macOS Mojave? 2019 Guides for You to Do That Easily

I believe that only by the dark mode debuted on the WWDC, macOS Mojave has caused many people to tickle for a long time, but the previous developer preview version has a little installation threshold, and we often see fans who ask for description files. Now that the public beta is released, everyone has a chance to try the latest macOS Mojave.

Upgrade macOS Mojave public beta

I finally got the upgrade step. After doing the backup work, you can rest assured.

Log in to the Apple Beta program website and select macOS in “Register your device”.

Click “Download macOS Public Beta Access Tool” in “Register Your Mac”.

Open the dmg image you just downloaded, open the pkg file, and follow the prompts to install the description file.

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How to Make Screenshot for All Windows on Mac with One Click?

There are many screenshot methods and tools on the Mac, such as screenshots of social software shortcuts, screenshots with shadows, Xnips for scrolling screenshots, Snipaste, a well-known screenshot software on Windows, etc., but they all have a common problem: they can’t take a one-time screenshot. All windows on the desktop. When you need to separate screenshots from many windows, you need to pre-position the windows one by one, and repeat the screenshots and save actions. 

The software ScreenShot PSD to be introduced today can solve this need. It has only one function, which captures all the windows of the current desktop and converts them into PSD files for automatic saving. After opening the PSD file, you will find that the file contains multiple layers, each of which is a screenshot of each software window, and it also separates each icon on the Dock bar, wallpaper, and menu bar.

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A Smart and Free Toolkits will Transforms the Desktop Automatically

At this year’s WWDC, Apple company brought us a large version of the updated macOS Mojave, which intuitively allows us to detect updates in addition to the cool system-level dark mode and practical automatic finishing of files, as well as automatic replacement according to time. “Dynamic Desktop” on the desktop wallpaper.

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How to Uninstall Keynote for Mac In Just 5 Minutes? Follow My Tips!

Are you looking for methods which will help you uninstall Keynote from your Mac or other Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. In this post, I’m going to show you how to remove Keynote for Mac very easily. There are a few of skills you should learn to totally uninstall Keynote from the Mac OS X without any traces. My instructions can be regarded as the best removal guides of 2017. The tutorial I’m about to share has been tested by lab of MacUtility.com. I ensure you that it does work and you have no need to worry about the junk files left on the Mac before. Of course, if you have requirements of removing other Mac applications, you can visit here or search on the blog. I highly suggest you remove useless software installed on your Mac to assure that there are enough spaces to run the Mac system smoothly. That is one of the effective methods to enhance the performance of Mac in a very short time. Right, you also can launch optimization tools to help you tweak the Mac memory. Okay let’s back to the main topic today: how to uninstall Keynote for Mac easily and completely.

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Help You Uninstall NicePlayer for Mac, Only 5 Steps to DO That!

You get the right place where you can learn the perfect guides which help you remove NicePlayer for Mac. You have no need to try other NicePlayer removal instructions searched from the Internet. In my opinion, it is wise for you to follow the tips introduced in this article if you want to uninstall NicePlayer for Mac completely. The blog of MacUtility.com focus on the Mac Apps removing issues and it shares professional tutorials about how to correctly remove third party software from the Mac OS X.

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How to Uninstall ScanGuard for Mac,The Best Removal Guides of 2017

I would prefer to uninstall ScanGuard from my Mac if I were you. If you decide to remove ScanGuard for Mac then I’m really glad to help you accomplish the removing mission. I ensure you that this is the smartest and easiest way to uninstall ScanGuard and other unwanted applications installed on Mac.With only a few of clicks, you will completely clean up the software as easy as 1,2,3.

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Why People Want to Uninstall Free Mac Bluray Player from Mac OS X?

How often do you run Free Mac Bluray Player on your Mac? Will you set up this software as the system start-up application? If not, it seems that the Free Mac Bluray Player is not so necessary to you or you even forget this software lying down on the computer. Most of users who would like to remove Free Mac Bluray Player because they face such situation. They don’t want to use this App any more and trying to uninstall it completely from the Mac system. I have to say that over 80% of the Mac users never realize that they always leave junk files on the Mac after they finish the deleting of applications. Therefore, they encounter the slow performance issues and even would get error messages caused by the invalid files and conflicts among device drivers. To uninstall Mac completely from the Mac OS X, it is not so simple to finish this mission if you want to do that manually because you have to complete a lot of works in fact. Certainly, if you are not confident to have such mission done by yourself, just read the best Free Mac Bluray Player removal tutorials of 2017 on the official blog of https://www.macutility.com. I never suggest you uninstall Free Mac Bluray Player or other third party applications designed for Mac with manual methods if you lack of computer science technical knowledge. This behavior might impair the capability of your Mac.

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