3 Easy Steps to Help You Make Your Mac Run Like New One!

View remaining space
The only way to see the rest of your Mac is to simply click on the Apple menu in the top right corner and select “About this Mac” > click on “Storage Space”. Not only can you view the used storage space and the remaining space, but the system will also sort the used space, so that you can clear the file that knows what type it is “occupying” your computer.
Native cleaning method
In the above storage management page, click “Manage” to use the official method to clean up the Mac space. At this point, you can find that there are four line selections, including “stored in iCloud”, “optimized storage space”, “automatically empty the trash” and “avoid mess”.
Click “Save in iCloud”, the system will keep the files you have recently opened on the desktop and in the manuscript. If you have not opened it for a long time, it will be uploaded to iCloud and delete the original file on Mac.

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