One Click to Judge If Your Mac Need to Change the Battery or Not

After a long time in the computer and mobile phone, have you ever cared about the health of the battery? There are times when the problem of life, in fact, is caused by the health of the battery. Pay attention to the health of the battery, timely replacement of the regular battery, so as to avoid the battery loss is too large and cause life problems, so as to ensure the experience. Continue reading

Mac Freezes – How to Fix The Problem with 3 Minutes

MacOS is kind of wonderful operating system, but it doesn’t prevent applications from responding, which is what we commonly use as application crashes. It is believed that users who have encountered this situation know that once the application crashes, click on the window to close will not react, need to right-click from the Dock bar below to opt out of the application to force exit.

However, there is a collapse of the situation that the Dock bar cannot solve, that is, the Finder crashes. Because the Finder icon in the right-click Dock Bar, there is no option to exit the program. Continue reading