Remove Virus – Safari Has Been Blocked By Scam Virus

“Safari was blocked and they asked me to send an email to then pay $500 if I want to get my Safari work as normal.” The lab of has received a few of reports like this from readers telling us that they got troubles with the Safari. It seems that the number of such case keeps increasing recently. Some of the Mac users even paid the money to mysterious accounts. Obviously, they were cheated by the cyber criminals and of course, they never would have their browser released with this way. Today, I will show you the correct method about how to remove virus and unblock your Safari or other infectious browsers installed on both Mac and Windows PC. If you receive a warning message from suspicious resources asking you to pay a fine, you had better read this post very carefully. I ensure you this is the right article for the people whose Safari and any type of browsers have been infected by the scam virus. It is highly suggested you pay more attention to the Mac security problems.( Things you should know about Mac security issues.)

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Recently, a new virus which is named has been programmed and spread by the cyber criminal to infect users’ Safari browser of Macs, Macbook Mini, iPhone etc Apple devices. Once the Safari gets infection, users can not open and visit any page with Safari and receive warning message like this: “Cannot Open Page Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”. What is the worse is that all the files on the Apple devices would be encrypted by the scam virus. Victims also would be asked to pay a fine to unblocked the encrypted browser and other files. You must be one of the victims who is now suffering of the virus. Well, listen to me very carefully, DO NOT PAY THE MONEY! This kind of virus disguises UK police or some Europe security departments to scare users by displaying fake warning message in order to cheat users’ money. Most of the victims give the money to cyber criminals for the decrypted codes however, none of them receive the so call codes successfully after they pay the fine. They still have to take their devices to stores for decryption. Therefore, if your Safari has infected by ransomeware virus( authoritative definition of ransomware ) , the first thing you should do is to remove the virus from your computer immediately.

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A virus sample has been sent to the Lab of recently reporting that is a kind of suspicious website which will pops up risky adware on both Mac and Windows PC. If any one of the browsers installed on your computer like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, etc redirects you to the then the machine 100% has been infected by the rogue website. If you are the one who unfortunately get the virus, just be patient and follow the 2017 removal tutorials for Mac and Windows PC step by step. I’m here to help you remove the annoy pops-up permanently with deliberation. It is strongly advanced you clean up the and all traces it left on either your Mac OS X system or any version of Windows. Otherwise, you probably would get more infections it brings on the computer and receive horrible warning messages that dump you into doing unexpected things to achieve the hacker’s illegal purpose.

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Remove Redirect Virus from Mac and Windows PC

Have you ever visited on your computer ( Mac or Windows PC ) with any browser like Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox? If so, your computer might have been infected by the virus and run in risky environment. If there is any wired phenomenon appeared on your Mac or Windows PC after you open this website, you had better find out the malware and remove the malicious virus immediately in order to reduce the damnification brought by In some cases, users didn’t realize or remember that they had visit the web page previously so they had no idea what happened on the machine. This post is going to show you what the is and how to resolve security problem like this on Mac OS X and different versions of Windows operating system.

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Things You Should Know About Mac Security

Mac security

Do Macs get viruses? Do we need an antivirus application on the Macs? These are two questions commonly asked by many Mac users, especially those people who just start to use Mac instead of the computer with Windows OS. As the Mac computer become more and more popular in nowadays, many people will need to learn and know more about the Mac security.

Important things you should know about Mac security

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