Make Your Mac Look Beautiful When it’s Idle: 8 MacOS Screensavers Recommended

In the early years of the big head display, a screen saver was needed to prevent it from burning out. After the popularity of modern displays, screensavers have lost their original value as a legacy of history. However, antiquities can always renew new machines, and screensavers still play a unique role in decoration, display time, and preview information.

Screensavers on the Mac have also been in development for many years, but in recent years, with the decline in demand and the proliferation of programming languages, many well-known screensavers have been unable to continue to be used in recent generations of systems. Like the screengram showing the Ins photo wall on the lock screen, and the arc of the hot search keywords, they have been in disrepair for years.

But I believe that there are still people who like personalized screensavers. This collection is for you. The eight screensavers have withstood the test of system upgrades and still work today.

The most beautiful wallpaper: Aerial

When the work is tired, stop and look at the Golden Gate Bridge in the mist?

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Find Your Favorite High-quality Open Source Applications on MAC

A few times, I wanted to replace all third-party apps on my Mac with open source, and it seemed that the open source stuff was something I could control.

The reason why most people really like open source software is not that they can modify their code at will, but rather the freedom and convenience that such software provides to us in other ways: Continue reading

95% of Users Will Ignore it! This Efficient Tool of MAC Would also be used in Windows

What’s the use of virtual desktops?

Virtual Desktop is the new window management function of WIN10, which is much later than the appearance of MacOS related functions, but it is not inferior to use. The purpose of virtual desktops is to categorize different types of application windows so that they keep the foreground displayed without interfering with each other. The popular understanding is to cram N monitors into the same monitor.

Its usefulness includes, but is not limited to:
1. Window classification
The application’s window is like a Chrome tab, and it tends to pile up more and more. When you open too many programs, a messy computer screen can cause attention switching and productivity to be greatly affected.

2. Avoiding conflicts at foreground procedures
Daily use of the computer, often some programs need to keep the foreground display (or even maximize the window), in order to operate at all times, typical such as WeChat, QQ, Word and so on. There are many more such programs, but there is only one desktop, and creating a few new virtual desktops is the best solution. Continue reading

4 Methods Helps You Speed Up Mac Computer, Easy and Quick

Computer has been used for a long time, even if there is no problem, hardware is not bad, it will inevitably appear freeze, slow respond time and so on.Renewal is the most direct approach, but now the configuration of a slightly better computer is often five thousand or six thousand, especially like Apple’s MacBook, Mac and so on, basically tens of thousands of pieces, the average user is basically difficult to do to say change.

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Mac Freezes – How to Fix The Problem with 3 Minutes

MacOS is kind of wonderful operating system, but it doesn’t prevent applications from responding, which is what we commonly use as application crashes. It is believed that users who have encountered this situation know that once the application crashes, click on the window to close will not react, need to right-click from the Dock bar below to opt out of the application to force exit.

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Only $599, Mac Mini Must Be Your Favorite Option to Get Started with MacOS

After the iMac and MacBook have already carried the productivity of the two scenes of desktop and mobile, Apple has been racking his brains over the past few years to make the iPad more “Pro” and MacBook. More “Air”, these have achieved new results at the last Apple conference this year, which makes the updated Mac mini seem to be done by the way.
The product that has not been updated in this four years seems to be about the same as four years ago.

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