Anatova Ransomware – 2019 New Type of Virus Attacks Global Networks

According to foreign media reports, a new type of ransomware is infecting users around the world, pretending to be apps or games, tricking users into downloading and launching. Anatova ransomware first appeared on January 1, 2019. According to the analysis of the code, the hacking experience of distributing the software is very rich.

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Wannacry Attack Spread Around The World And 150 Countries Affected

In these few days, people all around the world were shocked by the most serious ransomware “Wannacry” attack the world has ever seen, till now, the cyberattack has spread to 150 countries, and the victims still continue to increase.


The ransomware “Wannacry” started its attack on last Friday afternoon, once a computer infected, the virus will lock people out of his files on the machine, and require to offer a ransom to the hackers. Continue reading

Remove Virus – Safari Has Been Blocked By Scam Virus

“Safari was blocked and they asked me to send an email to then pay $500 if I want to get my Safari work as normal.” The lab of has received a few of reports like this from readers telling us that they got troubles with the Safari. It seems that the number of such case keeps increasing recently. Some of the Mac users even paid the money to mysterious accounts. Obviously, they were cheated by the cyber criminals and of course, they never would have their browser released with this way. Today, I will show you the correct method about how to remove virus and unblock your Safari or other infectious browsers installed on both Mac and Windows PC. If you receive a warning message from suspicious resources asking you to pay a fine, you had better read this post very carefully. I ensure you this is the right article for the people whose Safari and any type of browsers have been infected by the scam virus. It is highly suggested you pay more attention to the Mac security problems.( Things you should know about Mac security issues.)

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