Be Cautious When Using Flash Player Because of the Latest Mac Malware

Apple’s Mac system has been dominated by ultra-high security, few Apple users can do their own computer poisoning, The Mac also does not have a computer butler and the need for anti-virus software this statement.

But in recent days, security research firm Intego discovered the latest Mac malware OSX/CrescentCore, which was signed with Apple’s developer ID, and Apple doesn’t consider it malware.

OSX/CrescentCore’s intrusion is simple, and hackers typically masquerade websites as free video, TV, music, and other websites, allowing them to actively turn on the Flash player, and then download OSX/CrescentCore malware in the name of a Flash player update.

And OSX/CrescentCore virus is very intelligent, has a mechanism to prevent security researchers from discovering, automatically detects whether is in the virtual machine and whether anti-virus software is installed on the computer, if confirmed in the virtual machine or after the antivirus software, OSX/CrescentCore will not have any malicious behavior. Continue reading