My Own Experience of Developing A To-Do Application for Mobile

As an independent app developer, three years have passed to develop your own app independently. Wanting to develop a Todo app is something I’ve thought about for a long time, but the least missing thing in IOS’s app environment is this type of app, from easy-to-use Wunderlist to big and complete’s Things 3. Because of the blossoming of this type of application, I put aside the idea of making a Todo app for a while. Until a few days ago, my girlfriend suggested that she needed a simple, easy-to-use Todo app with no fancy features, just a record of what to do every day. That’s when I put the idea of developing a new App on the agenda. As the saying goes, your girlfriend’s needs, and you’re going to finish on your knees, so this article will tell the story of development.

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Moleskine Actions – The Most Pretty To Do List Application of IOS

Following the launch of the Calendar app Moleskine time page a few years ago, the Italian notebook maker Moleskine recently launched a GTD app,–Moleskine Actions, which continues the elegant design and intuitive display list of physical notebooks. At the same time, compared with the complex OmniFocus and other app, actions functions are relatively simple, the cost of getting started is not high, GTD primer users and task matters are not many friends may like.

In Actions, the task list is weekly, you can only add tasks within 7 days, and the more distant tasks are all simply and roughly attributed to the “later”, which is designed to allow you to focus on short-term tasks without bothering the distant future.

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