Welcome to The Era of “No Privacy” – You Maybe Tracked Hundreds Times A Day

On January 21, local time, according to evidence provided by the French National Data Protection Council (CNIL), Google’s user agreement violated the General Data Protection Regulation (the General Data Protection Regulation) that was updated in Europe in 2018. ), French regulators fined Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc for 50 million euros!

This is the highest amount of penalties that a company has suffered in violation of the Privacy Data Act in Europe to date. When a number of English-language technology media reported, they used “record high” (breaking record high) to describe the penalties.

According to the latest regulations in Europe, Google has a lot of specific projects. For example, the complete information of the data collection information is opaque, the user does not understand the situation data collection, data processing and storage time, etc., not all appear in the same location, the Google search engine does not obtain the user’s consent to collect targeted advertising data, and so on.

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