WeatherKit – A More Simple, Accurate and High Value Weather App for You

As the saying goes: “There is nothing wrong with the weather.” Watching the weather forecast becomes something I must do before going out every day. It is precisely because of this demand that many years ago, I began to try to find and use various weather apps, including the well-known “Color Cloud Weather” in the country and the App Store high recommended weather application. CARROT Weather.

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WeatherKit – The Great Weather Application for IOS

There’s a class of apps on IOS I’ve never found a satisfactory choice-weather app. My requirements for weather applications are actually not high: accurate data, no advertising, no poor design. “Accurate data” here does not mean that the weather forecast must be accurate to minutes or hours, as long as you can tell me a day in advance similar to whether tomorrow will rain, how much probability of rain such information can, most weather applications do not bad.

The key is the latter two o’clock, let me before the elimination of most of the domestic weather applications, the choice of the established CARROT weather. However, the app is 2 points bad: First, there are too many setup options. Before using the App, I had to choose what to look at and how to swing it in a very large number of data, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, ultraviolet level, and I had no idea how to choose a lot of data. Another important thing is that many of CARROT weather’s features limit areas such as rain reminders, bad weather alerts, weather radars, and more.

These factors allowed me to start thinking again about the choice of weather apps until I found the recommended Weatherkit in the U.S. app Store. The main interface of Weatherkit is simple: the current temperature and weather conditions are highlighted in large fonts in a wide range of white areas, and below the main interface is a preview of the weather today, 2nd. While being able to quickly access current weather information, this makes it easy for us to arrange our ride and itinerary according to short-term weather conditions. Pull-up cards, weatherkit and most weather applications provide data such as body temperature, air quality index, rainfall rate, humidity, visibility, etc., to meet the needs of most users for weather data.

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