Tips for You to Make a “Staging Assistant” in Windows PC

Some readers asked me a question these days: Is there a kind of application like Yoink for MacOS on “windows that can temporarily store files?

“Unfortunately, I found everywhere and didn’t find the file staging software under Windows.

Finally, I found an alternative that can address the need for file staging.

If you want the “desktop file” app on the right in the diagram, follow the minority and get a download link by replying to “fences” in the background. The taskbar below Windows 10 contains several main sections by default–Start button, search box, software bar, status bar, time. Between the software bar and the status bar, we can also customize the Add toolbar. Continue reading

AiO Runtimes – The Perfect Solution for Windows Run-time Errors

You who often use Windows do not know if you have ever encountered such a situation: In the just installed the system, or for a variety of reasons mistakenly deleted the system files on the equipment, the original good and smooth installation of the program suddenly can not start properly. There is only one warning on the screen ⚠ the pop-up window prompts you to read the missing “xxx.dll file.”

Experienced readers know that this is mostly due to the lack of Windows runtime. As a simple explanation, the runtime (Runtime) is also called the runtime, which is what many software relies on in the development of the “Library”,”Library” in the software running to invoke the content.

The runtime is not pre-integrated into the system and requires users to download and update it themselves.

The most direct solution to this situation is to put that string does not know what ghost DLL file name in the search engine verbatim input, return, download, move to the specified system file directory, done. But this solution inevitably faces a variety of problems, not to say whether the files downloaded from the site are safe, and the exact location where the files should be moved is often confusing. A careless risk can cause system damage. Continue reading