Writefull – A Perfect English Academic Writing Tools for All Sutdents

I believe that many non-native students who need to write in English to complete academic papers or reports are often tortured to death by the harsh demands of Academic Writing (academic writing), each time writing a mind to do a variety of grammar, spelling, words and other aspects of proofreading, But in the end, it is inevitable that the teacher will find the wrong.

The reason for this problem is, on the one hand, those non-native English students rarely have professionally Academic Writing training, and on the other hand, because many of these students do not know where to obtain authoritative references. When it comes to academic writing, Google Scholar is certainly an authoritative reference to the past, but there is no reference to searching the relevant vocabulary directly in Google Scholar because you can’t know how often the word is used, that is, you can’t do it based on Google Scholar. Continue reading