The Best Tips to Uninstall NetSpot on Mac of 2017

You want to uninstall NetSpot from your Mac? You can read this article and follow the best removal guides to remove this application on your Mac quickly. I’ll show you different methods and you can choose one of them to complete the removal mission as you wish. Remember that do not miss any steps introduced in this article because you might get errors or technical problems on the machine. I’m not trying to scare you but actually there were some kind of similar cases had been received by our labs in the past months. Therefore, just be careful if you would like to uninstall NetSpot manually. Well, take it easy, you have no need to worry about this issue because I will guide you step by step to help you uninstall it completely and safely.

What is NetSpot?

NetSpot for Mac is designed to help Mac users to survey their Wi-Fi network to access the quality of the connections provided in various areas of home or office. The scan function of NetSpot provides users a lot of information about how the Wi-Fi network is working and what kind of potential problems people might have. NetSpot also will analyze that whether the network is healthy or not.

With NetSpot, Mac users can easily collect all the Wi-Fi data around you. Furthermore, users can optimize Wi-Fi network because they are able to see the channel overlap by using the visualized map of collected wireless data.

Take the following available ways to uninstall NetSpot

Suggested way: Apply a reliable uninstaller to remove the program

Firstly, I would like to say that this is the most straightforward way to get rid of NetSpot as well as other installed application on Mac, because it is simple to use and can completely remove the program quickly from the computer. Thus, many complicated steps and time-consuming removing jobs and be avoided for the user. Can’t believe it? You can refer to the manual uninstall way for a comparison after checking the easy steps to remove NetSpot with good uninstaller at the following.

To take a qualified Mac uninstall utility to perform the app removal on the Mac, there are many choices and removing products available online, and here I would like to take MacKeeper as the good example, and show you how does this uninstall expert help you remove NetSpot well.

  • Launch MacKeeper on your Mac, definitely, you should installed it previously
  • Click on Smart Uninstaller on the left pane, and you will see the utility’s interface

  • Click on Start Scan button to start to check the installed apps on your Mac
  • After then, choose NetSpot on the list, and click on Scan button
  • When all of associated files are scanned and listed, click on Remove, and Remove all to delete everything related to NetSpot

  • When the removal finishes, quit the uninstaller, and restart macOS to have a refresh for the computer, and you will find the program disappearing from your Mac.

Manual and free way: remove NetSpot by yourself on Mac

As the macOS also provides a removing feature for uninstalling unwanted programs from the computer, it is also working for removing NetSpot in this way, but, to get a complete removal for the application, there are a great deal of things and jobs you should do.

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Step 1 – stop running the app

Taking use of the Trash on Mac to remove unwanted application requires you to stop the program firstly before starting the removal, otherwise, the app removal command will be rejected by the OS.

  • Exit the application on the Dock if it’s there
  • Open your Activity Monitor (GoUtilitiesActivity Monitor)

“Utilities“ under “Go“ menu of Mac

Activity Monitor“ of Mac

  • Select the running process associated with NetSpot, and click on the Quit button

Step 2 – remove application to the Trash

  • Click on Finder on the Dock, and select Applications on the left side

  • Find and locate NetSpot on the list, and drag the icon to the Trash on the Dock

Step 3 – Open User’s library folder, and delete all of related files

  • Click on Go on the upper menu — Go to Folder… — enter “~/library/” in the box — hit Return

  • Open these folders in the Library one by one, and delete those files and folders belonging to NetSpot: Application Supports, Caches, Preferences

Application Support under Library folder

Caches under Library folder

Preferences under Library folder

Step 4 – search for NetSpot on the Mac, make sure everything related has been cleaned up

In additional to the Library, there are possibly many other places on the computer still store the associated files of NetSpot, such as the NetSpot framework “sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/NetSpot.framework/Versions/~”, symbolic links in “/usr/local/bin” – “ls -l /usr/local/bin | grep ‘../Library/Frameworks/NetSpot.framework/Versions/~”

Do you think you can handle the manual way to uninstall NetSpot? If you are also confident to remove the program with the manual way, it’s up to you to make the final decision about taking which way to totally remove the program from macOS.

As many people cannot get an optimistic result of removing the program manually from Mac (associated files cannot be removed thoroughly and correctly), trust me, taking a professional uninstaller must be the best way to remove this complicated application from the computer.

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