These 10 Great Google Chrome Plug-ins Can Make You Become Senior Users in Just 5 Minutes

Today we have selected 10 useful Google Chrome plug-ins for you. You can install and use them to get a better experience in your daily life.



If you have a record of the demand and entangled in the frequent hundreds of thousands of software prices, try Loom. Although only a browser plug-in, but Loom can record the browser page, but also can record the camera, program window and even the entire desktop, recorded video can be saved to Loom provided free space, can be downloaded as local video, can also generate links to share with others, the function is very complete. Moreover, Loom is completely free, developers very domineering said, “At present do not care about the price and profit.”


This is a very convenient web translation plug-in, supporting more than 90 languages to translate each other. Translations can be embedded in the original Web page, or they can be ejected in a new window for easy editing and adjustment. Plug-ins also have versions of other browsers that can be downloaded to the official website if needed. If you haven’t finished your winter vacation paper, use it.


Taskade can turn Chrome’s new tabs into task lists, which are more versatile than many other “dipping” similar products, such as supporting multi-level tasks, creating multiple spaces/projects, and sharing real-time collaborative edits with others. Taskade currently has Windows and MAC clients in addition to the Chrome plug-in, and the mobile App is about to be launched.


▍Black Menu for Google

The plugin actually integrates the entry of all Google services into a single button, which is simple but convenient for heavy users of the Google family bucket, especially if it supports notification alerts such as Gmail and Google Calendar. The downside is that there is no cache, every time you open it has to be refreshed, such as waiting for the page to load accidentally switched to WeChat, and then back to the page will become blank.


Newsreel is a news, social platform aggregation plug-in that can turn many (foreign) mainstream social platforms and websites into waterfall streams in new tabs and see a variety of updates at a glance. In addition to regular websites, GitHub, Trello, Todoist and other tool-based websites it also supports. In fact, the same kind of plug-ins also have a lot, but this page style I personally feel the most practical, simple and orderly, not purely for the good-looking and put a lot of high-definition large picture of the position.


▍CrxMouse Chrome Gestures

CrxMouse is arguably the most powerful browser mouse gesture plug-in, which allows users to add mouse gestures to almost all browser operations, such as the left slip is returned to the previous page, the drawing circle is refreshed to draw a fork is to close the current tab and so on.

Anyway, the function is very powerful, complete, with the crxMouse, even rarely used mouse keys can be used up. Update: After the reader’s reminder, the official version of the crxMouse will force the collection of user information, so we have added a pure version of the Netizen remake, you can choose.

▍RSS Feed Reader

RSS Reader in the Chrome store is actually a lot, but compared to most plug-ins focused on the flow of new tabs, I prefer this feeder development of the small plug-in. It allows users to add RSS feeds at will, even if they do not register feeder services, and all subscriptions are collected in the plug-in button to see and open again. Plug-ins will also distinguish between what has been seen and not seen based on local cookies, and tell users the number of unread messages, which is very intimate.


▍Keepa-amazon Price Tracker

Shopping from oversea is nothing new today, if you are mostly Amazon, or Amazon in several countries, then be sure to install KEEPA. This is a focus on Amazon price query, Comparison of the plug-in, it supports Amazon price comparison in many countries, support price history tracking, cutting prices and listing reminders, the interface is simple and easy to use without advertising, the only worry is that the hands are not enough.


▍Typio Form Recovery Have you ever tried to write articles and comment on a Web page, spilled wrote a large paragraph after the browser crashed, or ordered to send to find that the site could not connect, hurriedly returned to the previous page but nothing. If that’s what bothers you, try Typio, which automatically saves the text you enter in Chrome. After the above problems occur, rest assured to open the Typio, your text recovery in a second. Users can customize the Web site that allows text to be saved and the retention time of text to save system resources. Developers promise that all text will be stored only locally on the computer, never uploaded, and Typio open source.

▍Additor-the Simplest Bookmark & Highlighter

When we read e-books, we often select certain sentences or paragraphs, and then set them to highlight and extract them for subsequent review. In fact, there are similar needs when browsing the web to find information, but there do not seem to be many similar tools. Additor is one of them, it allows users to highlight paragraphs directly in the Web page, log in to the Additor site will be both the entire page, but also can see the extract on the right, very suitable for users who often collect information.