This Free Online Tool Helps You Quickly Make Beautiful Charts with Your Phone

Whether you’re working on a work chart, a student doing a job report, writing a Web article, or even a commentary movie, you might need to use a visual statistical chart to illustrate some data or ideas.Of course, like Excel and PowerPoint, there are professional statistical charting tools, and even many automation features. Or, like the Google chart itself, there are many graphical diagrams built into it.

But there are also many third-party tools that appeal to a simpler and faster production process without having to create complex tables to quickly produce charts and apply a variety of designs.
Allows you to use a visual illustration of your completion in your own chart, report, article, or movie.

Today to introduce: “Charts Factory”, is a such online tool. “Charts Factory” is a free, non-installation, do not need to register login, do not need to upload the form file of the “Online Chart production tool.”
As long as you simply fill in the data and proportions you need, you can quickly generate a statistical chart.
“Charts Factory” also has a great feature, in addition to the computer Web page, in the mobile phone page can also run smoothly, so that mobile phone users can quickly “readily” generate beautiful statistical charts.
Let me quickly demonstrate the statistical chart generation steps for “Charts Factory.”

The first step, open the “Charts Factory” Home page, he can make eight styles of statistical charts, I recommend that you scroll the page to “Examples” position, directly select some kind of style chart you need, and then start making. Don’t start with his preset “Make a chart”, but start directly with the template so you can build the drawings you need more quickly.

When you enter the template, click “Edit chart” on the right to edit the chart content.

Enter the title of the chart, the name and number of the field, and press “Generate” to create a chart!

We can also switch eight different templates in the “Type” section to see how different charts are rendered.

Back to the preview screen of the chart, there are more than 10 color themes to replace in the “Select theme” menu.

After you quickly generate the statistical charts you need, click “Save as image” to download the images.

The downloaded file is PNG HD diagram, no watermark, Chinese can also be displayed normally, you can use the picture in your own chart, report, Web page or movie.

And best of all, “Charts Factory” in the mobile phone can also be used smoothly, the same directly open the Web page, complete the above operation can be done.

If you often need to add some charts to a chart, report, or an idea in your head to quickly make illustrations, “Charts Factory” is a free, quick-line tool worth referring to.