Tips to Remove Dragon Age from Mac OS X – 2017 Guides

To completely remove Dragon Age on Mac, you have plenty of jobs to finish if you want to delete it manually. It is really vital for you to clean up every piece of component of this game from the Mac OS X system because too much leftovers would definitely impair the performance of the computer. You can try this removal guides of 2017 to easily and entirely uninstall Dragon Age. If you are new to Mac system and have little ideas about how to perfectly resolve the Mac Apps removing issues, please follow the most effective tips introduced on and do not miss any steps of the professional tutorial. You should realize that this removal instruction is able to help you avoid reappeared error messages and potential conflicts between Dragon Age and other Mac applications. Now, let’s get started to learn how to uninstall Dragon Age correctly.

Dragon Age is a kind of quite famous Mac game and has obtained thousands of users all over the world. With the excellence development team, Dragon Age has been updated several times for its play-ability. The latest version of Dragon Age was released on March 8, 2011 by Electronic Arts and it supported language as Deutsch (DE), English (US), Español (ES), Français (FR), Italiano, Polski, Русский язык. Dragon Age has won great reputations in the passed years for its high quality graphic and outstanding background music. You can choose to become the member of this game at the price £3.99/month or £9.99 for long term license. (You can purchase the game from here:

Anyway, today our purpose is to uninstall Dragon Age completely from the Mac. Here comes the guides directly. You also can visit more details about the removal article alternatively on this page: “How to Uninstall Dragon Age on Mac Completely

Tutorials to Uninstall Dragon Age from mac OS X Manually

Step 1: Terminate process of Dragon Age via Activity Monitor.

You need to close down Dragon Age and terminate all processes of it in order to make the uninstall procedure run smoothly.

* Please click “Go” menu on the top of your screen and then select “Utilities” option in the list.
“Utilities“ under “Go“ menu of Mac

* You will see “Activity Monitor” icon after you enter the “Utilities”; Launch “Activity Monitor” by double clicking the icon.

* Now there must be several processes running in the system background. Please find out the active process of Dragon Age and then end up those processes by clicking the “X” button to close this application.
Close down applications with “Activity Monitor

Or you also can try another easier method to launch “Activity Monitor”. Press “Command+Option+Esc”on your keyboard then you will see the interface of “Activity Monitor” ; select the process and then choose “Force Quit” to terminate it.

Step 2: Remove Dragon Age icon to the Trash.

As mentioned before, Mac OS X Trash function could help you remove the main executable file of Dragon Age. It is an effective way to uninstall Dragon Age from the Mac but you still need to finish more things.

* Please click on “Go” menu and select “Applications” from the list.

* Find out the icon of Dragon Age, right click on the icon and then select “Move to Trash” ; Or just drag it to the ” Trash” .

* Empty the Trash to remove the main files of Dragon Age from the Mac. You will receive dialog window asking you if you are sure to remove the items. Please click“Empty Trash”to delete the executable files of this application.

Step 3: Locate and Clean up Leftovers to Uninstall Dragon Age completely

You are almost there to finish the whole removal procedure on Mac. You should know that applications like Dragon Age will generate lots of associated files, junk files and other types of traces when installed on the Mac. For instance, the application support files, caches, plugins, binaries, library, preferences, Dock icon, saved states, etc, all of them could be called additional files. Generally, the leftovers are located in these three folders ( /Library/Preferences/, /Library/Application Support/ /Library/Caches/ ) then you need to find them out and clean up the associated files of the application you just removed previously.

* Please click on“Go”menu at the top of the screen and select “Go to Folder”.

* Type “~Library” in the blank to get into the library interface.
click “Go” to search Library folders

* Please open “Preferences“ folder and then search the related files of Dragon Age.
Preferences under Library folder

* Remove all of the junk files you find out in this folder to the Trash directly.

* Turn back to “Library” tab, get into “Caches” folder and search all caches of Dragon Age.
Caches under Library folder

* Clean up the caches of Dragon Age.

* Turn back to “Library” tab, get into “Application Support” folder and search all supported files of Dragon Age.
Application Support under Library folder

* Delete the supported files associated with the application.

Step 4: Empty the Trash to Remove All Leftovers Completely and Permanently

* Right click the Trash icon and select “Secure Empty Trash” to totally erase the useless files right away.

* Confirm the operation when receiving pops-up Windows as below.
confirm to remove junk files

* Finally, please restart your Mac OS X system for the changes to take effects.

The Smartest Way to Remove Dragon Age from Mac.

Actually you can try this method to uninstall Dragon Age automatically. Only a few of steps, you will easily have the software removed thoroughly from the computer.

Download and install MacKeeper on the computer, and then launch it directly.

Step 2:
Click “Advanced Tools” on the menu, you will see “Smart Uninstaller” tab on the list, please click it.

Step 3:
Click on the “Start Scan” button and it would display all installed applications on your Mac.

click start scan of MacKeeper

Step 4:
Find out Dragon Age, and click on the checkbox on the left side.

display the installed applications

Step 5:
Click “Remove” button and follow the instructions to complete the removal.

click “Remove” button to remove files

Step 6:
Exit MacKeeper, and restart your Mac to let the changes take effect.

It is an efficiency removal method to uninstall Dragon Age and of course you can apply this instruction to help you remove any other useless applications which you run rarely in order to release more space for the whole system. You will find the Mac runs as fast as the moment it was purchased.

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    Hey dude, Dragon Age is one of my favorite games in the past 2 years. But now I turn to become super fan of H1Z1 :). I don’t know why I’m here and I just googled something else and find your interesting post. I won’t uninstall Dragon Age currently but I will bookmark this page for some day. Thanks!