How to Uninstall Little Snitch for Mac – Version 3.7.3 Removal Guides

Yesterday, I shared you a post about how to remove a popular Mac game – Guild Wars 2 from the Mac OS X and have received a few of praise emails sent by readers till now. All of them had successfully uninstalled Guild Wars 2 on their Macs by following the removal guides I wrote in the article. I’m so glad to help our readers to resolve the technology programs on both Mac and Windows PC. Now, I would like to share another instruction of removing the Little Snitch with you guys. If you want to uninstall Little Snitch very easily on your Mac, you can read this removal guides then apply the methods to remove that App.

Basic Information of Little Snitch

Little Snitch is a kind of internet tool which is designed to help you track back the system background activity and control your network easily. With Little Snitch, you will be able to accept or deny any information sent from the applications running on the backstage. Little Snitch takes notes of the activities of those applications. Moreover, Little Snitch even can detect network-related activity of viruses, trojans, and other malware (You can click here to see more Internet threats.) whenever you are connected to the Internet or offline. Little Snitch always runs inconspicuously in the background to assist you to make a judge that in which situation you should allow, deny or establish a rule to handle similar, future connection attempts.

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Additional Info of Little Snitch

Version 3.7.3:

  • Fixed a rare kernel panic that could happen when a process terminated while a Connection Alert for an incoming TCP connection for that process was shown.
  • Fixed an incorrect notification about “Simulated Input from Little Snitch Agent”.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later

How to Uninstall Little Snitch Yourself

Step 1: Terminate process of Little Snitch via Activity Monitor.

You need to close down Little Snitch and terminate all processes of it in order to make the uninstall procedure run smoothly.

* Please click “Go” menu on the top of your screen and then select “Utilities” option in the list.

“Utilities“ under “Go“ menu of Mac

* You will see “Activity Monitor” icon after you enter the “Utilities”; Launch “Activity Monitor” by double clicking the icon.

Activity Monitor“ of Mac

* Now there must be several processes running in the system background. Please find out the active process of Little Snitch and then end up those processes by clicking the “X” button to close this application.

Close down applications with “Activity Monitor

Confirm to quit the process

Or you also can try another easier method to launch “Activity Monitor”. Press “Command+Option+Esc” on your keyboard then you will see the interface of “Activity Monitor” ; select the process and then choose “Force Quit” to terminate it.

“Force Quit” button of Mac

Confirm your operation in the following pop-up window by clicking on“Force Quit” button.

click “Force Quit” button to confirm.


Step 2: Remove Little Snitch icon to the Trash.

As mentioned before, Mac OS X Trash function could help you remove the main executable file of Little Snitch. It is an effective way to uninstall Little Snitch from the Mac but you still need to finish more things.

* Please click on “Go” menu and select “Applications” from the list.

Applications under “Go” menu

* Find out the icon of Little Snitch, right click on the icon and then select “Move to Trash” ; Or just drag it to the ” Trash” .

* Empty the Trash to remove the main files of Little Snitch from the Mac. You will receive dialog window asking you if you are sure to remove the items. Please click“Empty Trash”to delete the executable files of this application.

click“Empty Trash”to delete the application”

Step 3: Locate and Clean up Leftovers to Uninstall Little Snitch completely

You are almost there to finish the whole removal procedure on Mac. You should know that applications like Little Snitch will generate lots of associated files, junk files and other types of traces when installed on the Mac. For instance, the application support files, caches, plugins, binaries, library, preferences, Dock icon, saved states, etc, all of them could be called additional files. Generally, the leftovers are located in these three folders ( /Library/Preferences/, /Library/Application Support/ /Library/Caches/ ) then you need to find them out and clean up the associated files of the application you just removed previously.

* Please click on“Go”menu at the top of the screen and select “Go to Folder”.

click“Go to Folder”option

* Type “~Library” in the blank to get into the library interface.

click “Go” to search Library folders

* Please open “Preferences“ folder and then search the related files of Little Snitch.

Preferences under Library folder

* Remove all of the junk files you find out in this folder to the Trash directly.

* Turn back to “Library” tab, get into “Caches” folder and search all caches of Little Snitch.

Caches under Library folder

* Clean up the caches of Little Snitch.

* Turn back to “Library” tab, get into “Application Support” folder and search all supported files of Little Snitch.

Application Support under Library folder

* Delete the supported files associated with the application.

Step 4: Empty the Trash to Remove All Leftovers Completely and Permanently

* Right click the Trash icon and select “Secure Empty Trash” to totally erase the useless files right away.

click Secure Empty Trash button to remove files

* Confirm the operation when receiving pops-up Windows as below.

confirm to remove junk files

* Finally, please restart your Mac OS X system for the changes to take effects.

Uninstall Little Snitch with Its Own Built-in Uninstaller

Little Snitch contains built-in uninstall program itself to let users uninstall it easily. Thus you can utilize this uninstall program to remove Little Snitch from your Mac. Please follow the brief instruction to uninstall Little Snitch.

* Launch “Finder” and the enter “Little Snitch“ to search out the package.

* Double click on the .dmg file and you will be see the uninstall program there. Double click on “Uninstall“to launch it.

* You will receive message asking you to open the uninstall application.

* Enter your administrator account password to confirm your operation.

After you uninstall Little Snitch with its built-in uninstall program, do not forget to remove the leftovers of it. Just turn back to the junk files removal method and follow the instructions.

If you follow the instructions step by step, you have uninstalled Little Snitch on Mac completely now. The manual method introduced above does work and has been tested by the Lab of already. It is the most economical removal method for users however, it is also a time consuming way to uninstall unwanted applications from Apple Mac OS X. We don’t actually recommend you remove software manually unless you have extensive experience in computer technology. Any miss deleting will cause problems and errors on the Mac. In some cases, Mac users have to pay much money to the repair station to recover important data which has been removed by mistake. Therefore, inexperienced Mac users had better do not clean up the various associated files of the applications themselves. We will continue to discuss how to remove unwanted applications from Mac safely and easily.

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How to Uninstall Little Snitch Automatically

There are a few of uninstall tools designed for Mac available on the Internet market recent years. You can choose any one of them to help you uninstall unwanted applications like Little Snitch on the Apple Mac OS X system. Professional uninstaller will automatically display all applications installed on your Mac. Just select the application you want to remove and let it analyze all associated files of the app. Click the “Remove” button then you will uninstall the program completely. The whole procedure only takes you a couple of minutes. Moreover, Mac apps uninstaller also can detect out and remove additional files including preferences, caches and support files easily and thoroughly. You have no need to search and delete them one by one.

Now, let’s get start to uninstall Little Snitch with the Mac apps uninstaller. Only a few of steps, you can easily remove any unwanted applications from your Mac.


Download and install MacKeeper on the computer, and then launch it directly.

Step 2:

Click “Advanced Tools” on the menu, you will see “Smart Uninstaller” tab on the list, please click it.

Step 3:

Click on the “Start Scan” button and it would display all installed applications on your Mac.

click start scan of MacKeeper

Step 4:

Find out Little Snitch, and click on the checkbox on the left side.

display the installed applications

Step 5:

Click “Remove” button and follow the instructions to complete the removal.

click “Remove” button to remove files

Step 6:

Exit MacKeeper, and restart your Mac to let the changes take effect.

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