Use Apple Pencil with These Applications, You Will Find A New World!

The new ipad Pro screen is visually larger, and the operation of the new Apple pencil, which supports magnetic suction, has become more efficient, with two taps of the pen to activate additional functionality, providing a better experience for users who create content with the IPad.

As a very creative tool, the IPAD often has a different beauty than the average person under the painter’s command.

And when Apple pencil is no longer just a simple touch tool, it can be brilliant on the screen, becoming an untouchable tool in the hands of the “Ma Liang” that knows how to use it. Want to try the taste of iPad Pro painting too? Then you must not be short of these easy-to-use drawing apps. Today’s introduction of these apps, you can enjoy the silky, smooth painting process in it.


Referring to the painting app,procreate in the IPad is bound to be at the top of the list.
Open this app, the toolbar is not many, but cleverly set on the right and left side of the pleasing, which also makes the screen full of painting area, painting will focus on the stroke and the overall picture.

What is very valuable is that as a graphic designed for the IPad app,procreate is suitable for all kinds of people, it is not difficult to get started, professionals can draw difficult paintings. Procreate is often updated with new systems and devices released by Apple, and there are a number of time-saving and artistic features. For example, automatically populate colors. Choose the color value, drag to the corresponding area, this action is more in line with our painting habits.

For example, symmetrical drawing and image liquefaction, it looks like painting magic, the picture immediately vivid up.

In addition, wait a moment while drawing a straight line to automatically fix it for you, as well as the need to crop and change the size of the picture when drawing halfway …

Procreate will be smart enough to help you solve all the puzzles you encounter in your paintings, allowing you to draw the images you want anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its rich functionality and settings, procreate can complete simple strokes to lines, and even more complex images that are dense to draw, and are basically perfect for drawing. Even, it also supports the introduction of PSD, JPG, PNG and other pictures, is an all-around drawing tool. With procreate, you will surely appreciate why so many people like digital painting and paint on the iPad.

There are also a variety of brushes that have been tuned by artists that you can download and use directly.

If you have a preset that you use frequently, you can also make your own tools. Try painting on IPad Pro, and it’s always right to use procreate. Before deciding to use it, take a look at a guidebook in IBook that specifically introduces Procreate’s use, and teaches you to paint wonderful paintings.

Zen Brush 2

Zen Brush 2 is a app designed for ink painting and calligraphy and is suitable for iPad Pro. Compared to procreate’s 120 brushes, it has only a brush and black and red colors to choose from.
However, the main brush effect has a good experience on the IPad. Not only the stroke has a light and heavy, but also can choose the humidity of the brush. The drier the pen is more able to draw a flying white line, the humidity is large and visible to the naked eye of the indexes paper effect.

When using Apple Pencil, you can choose to dump the pen, and the painting will produce a flying white of hesitation.

If you write alone, Zen Brush 2 also has a lot of paper to choose from, and all kinds of materials and colors, paper with unique patterns and seasonal graphics can be found here. Zen Brush 2 There is also a feature worth a problem-exporting a transparent PNG format, which allows content drawn or written here to be added to other software, superimposed on elements and a variety of picture-style images.

Affinity Photo for iPad

Affinity Photo for IPad is a painting tool with Photoshop capabilities.
Sounds complicated? Although you may not always know the skills of Ps, in this app, in the face of a picture you want to process, no matter what you want to add to the drawing content, a list of tools will let you the fastest speed to understand what can be done inside.

There is also a very useful feature, Affinity Photo offers a large number of preset “filters”. When the painting is about to be finished, click to generate a color-rich, comfortable tone of the screen.
You can also have a master color matching that you can’t master well coloring.

Affinity Photo in the drawing function cannot be wasted, familiar with the adjustment layer, mask, blending mode, Gaussian blur, liquefaction, removal of spots, these effects will be on the painting to try. Affinity Photo also supports up to 2048 withdrawals to view historical operational procedures.

Coupled with Apple Pencile’s stress, angle, tilt, and speed of painting often surprise, it’s perfect for repeated finishing. Affinity Photo paired with Affinity Designer, owned by the same developer, will allow you to become a master of composition and design.

Sketch Pro

If Affinity Photo is the one most like Photoshop, then Sketch Pro is a streamlined version.

The tools in Ps, such as importing pictures, lasso tools, mobile tools, smearing, and Eraser, are listed separately in Sketch Pro, in addition to the ability to flip the screen and other operations.

Because you can import pictures, it’s a handy tool for painting on an iPad.
You can use it to embellish photos and add your hand to them. The left side of Sketch Pro can quickly adjust the brush parameters, which is very convenient. During the drawing process, the app also provides a recording function, recalling that the painting process is also part of the search for inspiration and improved painting techniques.

Just as a painting tool can be used to fix diagrams and record the size of life, it often needs to be used in combination, and you will find more and more creative work overlapping. For IPad Pro, it is the people who work creatively around the world, and painting is one of them.
Apple Pencil reduces volume and adds keystrokes to the pen body, which will make it easier and more satisfying for those who paint on the iPad. For us, the IPad gives the possibility of creation. Often look at procreate, Inspire Pro in a variety of styles of paintings, open up ideas, one day perhaps we will also draw the favorite works.