Want to be Vlogger? This free video material library, you must know

These days, the text, the picture is gradually not enough to carry and express our voice, no matter the big things have to make a video to be grand. Cutting videos also requires material, and when we don’t have enough video footage of ourselves, a free video footage site called Mixkit can help you.

Mixkit belongs to the global creative design material Community Envato, and Mixkit’s biggest feature is free. There is also a dedicated license page on Mixkit that you can use for free in commercial or non-commercial projects that allow downloading, copying, modification, distribution, and more.

Open URL [mixkit.co], we can see a total of 11 video categories, including business/technology, music/dance, animals, transportation, abstraction and so on. Click on the appropriate video classification, you can directly see the total number of videos under this class, drop-down can see the cover of each video.

We can evaluate the style and main hue of the video from the cover chart, and when you click on the appropriate video, the screen will play in full screen.

Video lengths range from 10 seconds to more than 30 seconds, and the video does not have a corresponding dubbing.

After downloading the video in MP4 format, the size is 1280×720 size, and then you can add it to the video you are editing on demand. Although the total number of videos on this site is not a lot, but every week will update 10 new free videos, I believe that over time, the site will slowly become a very good library of materials.