Want to unsubscribe from advertising messages? Try this free mail client

Third-party mail clients always have a place to impress users, such as  Spark  ‘s smart inbox, Airmail’s  rich scalability, Outlook  ‘s calendar function and more. Edison Mail touched me with the characteristics of one-click unsubscribe mail. After downloading and using it for a while, I found that the highlight of Edison Mail is not limited to this.

 One-click unsubscribe mail

Presumably, you are also like me. When you register some websites with your mailbox, you don’t care about the default email push, and you will naturally receive many marketing emails. In order to clean up these emails, it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to unsubscribe from an email. Fortunately, you can unsubscribe with Edison Mail with one click, without fear of any trouble.

The reason why you can unsubscribe so easily is that Edison Mail has created a template for unsubscribing emails in advance, and it will automatically send unsubscribe emails whenever you click on the Unsubscribe-style icon in Edison Mail’s Subscription.

One-click unsubscribe mail

▍Protect mailbox security

Do you often hear news about the theft of your mailbox and the disclosure of user information? Yes, since many websites and services are registered by email, it is no exaggeration to say that the mailbox is now the core of the Internet. There are also many cyber attacks against mailboxes. Many people have experienced the theft of mailboxes, so we must always pay attention to the security of the mailbox. As a third-party mail client, one-click unsubscribe mail is just one of Edison Mail’s many features. In fact, Edison Mail can check the security of your mailbox.

Protect your mailbox

How does Edison Mail check the security of your mailbox? There is a Security option in the Assistant in the Edison Mail sidebar, which will complete a test when you click in. The principle of implementation is that by comparing with the publicly cracked mailbox data, you can check if the mailbox you bind in Edison Mail has been cracked.

▍Email notification

The best way to do the email notification is to use Spark. Spark’s smart notifications will only push email notifications that should be pushed, and emails that do not need to be pushed will not be displayed on the notification. E-mails that do not need to be pushed include login messages and marketing promotion emails after the second verification of various websites and services (no one-click unsubscribe).

Although Edison Mail’s email notifications are not so smart, Edison Mail can customize the account and logo of email notifications. I have multiple mailboxes in Edison Mail because I am used to registering various websites and services with one of the mailboxes and receiving learning and work messages with another mailbox. In this way, email notifications that do not need to be pushed are centrally classified into a single mailbox, and I will close all email notifications for that email.

But it doesn’t matter if you don’t have such a habit. Edison Mail’s notifications are also graded, with important, all mail, and no notifications. Don’t want to be interrupted by frequent email notifications, you can check the important one and Edison Mail will only notify important emails.

Notification settings for Edison Mail

The notifications on iOS are not just pop-ups, we can also turn on the corners, so Edison Mail provides three ways to display the notifications:

  • Unread (unread)
  • All Mail Inbox (all)
  • None (not displayed)

The default selection is to display the number of unread messages, so it is convenient to remind users that there are still unread messages to be processed. But if you take the same approach as me and turn off the notification permission for one of the mailboxes, how do you view the unread messages? Quite simply, press the icon to call the menu to see the unread number of mailboxes that closed the notification.

 gesture operation

Gesture operations can bring great convenience to the operation of smart phones, such as sliding back, sliding delete, etc. on iOS. Sliding with your fingers reduces our visual area and makes it more human. There are two types of gestures in Edison Mail: sliding and dragging. Sliding is divided into lengths, which trigger different behaviors:

  • Short-range left-slip is archived, short-range right-slip is postponed
  • Long-range left slip is deleted, long-range right slide is marked as unread

For small dots in front of unread messages, you can drag the dots to eliminate them, so you can quickly mark the message as read.

▍Mail classification

The classification in Edison Mail refers to the ability to group messages into four projects: Travel, Packages, Bills & Receipts, Entertainment, and Bundled features like Inbox.

It is worth noting that in addition to the US users can use this function normally, users in other countries and regions can not find these four categories in the Assistant even if this is done.