We Collect All of the Self Built-in Wallpaper in Google Phones for You

As a wallpaper enthusiast, every year when Google releases the Pixel series of new machines, I am most looking forward to the new Pixel with its own wallpaper. Although this year’s Google launch will not be held until October 9, Twitter user Ishan Agarwal has uploaded the Pixel 3 series of HD wallpapers, giving us the opportunity to experience the charm of Pixel 3 HD wallpapers in advance. This article will bring you together to review the three generations of Pixel mobile phone with their own wallpaper.

This leaked Pixel 3 Series wallpaper style is diverse, including scenery, abstraction, overlooking, architecture, planets and other styles of pictures, like friends can download the experience of static version. If you have an Android device on hand that runs 8 or an updated version, you can also experience a dynamic version of the wallpaper by installing the Pixel wallpapers app.

The Pixel 2 series wallpapers have been released with images of natural landscapes, as well as abstract style wallpapers. Among them, Black star themed wallpapers are used to shock on the phone, such as the image below overlooking the Earth, the moon, Pluto three wallpapers.

The first generation of Pixel series wallpaper style to the theme of natural scenery, there are rice paddies, oceans, deserts and other beautiful scenery. Because wallpapers are generally larger in size, they can be used both as mobile wallpapers and as desktop wallpapers for computers.