WeatherKit – A More Simple, Accurate and High Value Weather App for You

As the saying goes: “There is nothing wrong with the weather.” Watching the weather forecast becomes something I must do before going out every day. It is precisely because of this demand that many years ago, I began to try to find and use various weather apps, including the well-known “Color Cloud Weather” in the country and the App Store high recommended weather application. CARROT Weather.

For the vast majority of users, the weather forecast is used to understand weather conditions and temperatures. A small and “light” weather application WeatherKit is the protagonist we recommend today.
WeatherKit doesn’t make much modification in the interface design. You may even feel a little “stubble” when you open the application for the first time. In addition to the weather conditions, the large blanks only show the temperature. This design makes it easy to see at a glance. Travel and wear according to the weather conditions.
WeatherKit’s “lightweight” design does not mean it is a missing weather application. Like other similar apps, we can see a series of data such as air quality, rainfall probability, and somatosensory temperature. .
When you talk about the features of WeatherKit, you must have to talk about Weather Radar. Users can view the weather conditions in the area, such as temperature, air pressure, wind power, etc., in the form of maps. This form is not the first. It appears in the weather application, but it is indeed a very useful function, providing you with weather protection for the upcoming trip.
It’s important to note that WeatherKit is a free downloadable app that users can download from the App Store and Google Play, but features such as Weather Radar need to be unlocked through in-app purchases and offer a “subscription system” and There are two ways to buy and sell, and the price is $8.99/year and $15.99 respectively.
In terms of personal experience, even if you don’t pay for subscriptions, some basic functions are enough to meet your daily needs. As we mentioned earlier, the function of “icing on the cake” is good, but watching the weather, temperature and weather are the key points. And these are free at WeatherKit.
If you have to say something dissatisfied, it must be localized. WeatherKit does not currently support Chinese. For those who have difficulty using English, this is not very convenient. However, we are also communicating with developers on this point. I believe that in the near future, Chinese localization support will definitely be added.
If you are like my needs, then you must try this “lightweight” weather application WeatherKit.