What Free and Useful Applications for Mac? Read This Article and Get the Tips!

For a brand new MAC, in addition to admiring its wonderful industrial design, there is one very important thing, is to install the first batch of software on the MAC. In general, this first batch of the software will always be accompanied by our daily life, office, entertainment, so can be installed at the beginning of these excellent applications, is definitely a good way to improve your surfing experience.

▍The Unarchive: Unzip tools

MacOS is not very good at processing compressed files. If you don’t have any software installed, you can only choose to compress it into. zip or unzip the. zip file, which may sound a bit of a chicken rib. And the Unarchiver as a fairly conscientious decompression tool on MAC, supporting the decompression of RAR, 7-zip, Tar and other commonly used compressed format files, but also can open ISO, EXE and other types of files, full-featured and free.

▍CheatSheet: Shortcut Key Tips

If you want to do that kind of flow on your computer, the use of shortcut keys must be the most important. But don’t say the shortcuts to other software, you probably don’t even know one or two of the shortcut keys you bring with you. What if you’re still searching for “XXX’s shortcut keys? “, That must have not met CheatSheet.” Before using this software, you need to check CheatSheet in “System Preferences-security and privacy-privacy-accessibility” in most APP interfaces and press Command-⌘ directly to exhale all the shortcut keys of the software, which can be said to be very convenient.

▍IINA: Video Player

If it turns out, the first video player most people recommend to you will probably be MplayerX, but the software is most likely to be installed with all kinds of “junk software” at the time of installation and has not been updated for too long. But if you don’t have a video player installed on your Mac, maybe the day of your viewing will be over. IINA as an open source video player, but very good to do “clean, smooth, beautiful” and many other points. Highly customized shortcuts can definitely bring you a more comfortable operating environment, the support of video format is also done more perfect, must be “macOS on the best modern video player: IINA.”

▍AppCleaner: Uninstall Tools

There are many ways to uninstall on your MAC, and the software installed on MAS can go into the Launchpad long press to delete. If you are installing software from another source, you can use Command + Delete to delete it in the app section of the Finder. But some people will consider whether there will be any remaining files in other places that are not deleted clean, then you can choose an uninstaller to uninstall all your software. Recommended for everyone AppCleaner a lightweight uninstall software, simply drag the required uninstall software to AppCleaner space, you can automatically check all relevant files and clear.

▍Jietu: Screenshot tool

Screenshots are a common operation both on the mobile side and on the PC side, but the screenshot of your Mac’s own can only intercept part of the picture or the entire window, which is not very complete in terms of functionality. Jietu is a convenient screenshot software produced by Tencent, in addition to window screenshots, timing screenshots, full-screen screenshots of the basic functions, but also the screenshot can be labeled code and other two operations. At the same time, Jietu can also record the window, but also support the video clipping, select sharpness and export GIF and so on.

▍Spark: Mailbox Client

Your Mac’s native mail app may not be as friendly to new users, and of course my old user doesn’t choose to use native mail. Native clients will often be based on their own mood, the implementation of server disconnection, mail tortoise speed and other touching operations, so have to recommend a third party mail client. Spark mail client is a free mail client produced by Readdle company, in addition to the mail prompt is quite timely, you can configure the function of the freedom is also relatively high, of course, there are good values.

▍Franz: Multi-in-oneness chat app

Computers are worn in every part of your life, and socializing must be an essential element in it, and every day you may be using a lot of chat apps, WeChat, Telegram, Slack, and so on. One software after another non-stop switching may waste too much of your time, Franz gathered a variety of instant Messaging web version, so that you can log in to all your chat accounts in software, it is a pity that there is no QQ in this. If you’re just chatting and don’t need some additional features, try Franz, and maybe it’ll give you a different experience.

▍Aria2GUI: Download Tools

In fact, Thunderbolt on the MAC experience is not bad, especially in the application of certain processing to remove ads. But Thunderbolt download file length will appear speed does not go, no resources or can not download the problem, it is better to try is to use Aria2 as your downloader, not only can download the general file, combined with the relevant plug-ins can also directly download the content of Baidu network disk. In the minority introduction, Aria2 configuration of the “Mac on the use of Baidu network disk is very irritable?” Take the time to configure aria2 bar to use is only its web version, the operation may not be so convenient, and Aria2GUI is a standalone interface of the software, in addition to the integration of multi-threaded download and ARIA2C, You can also automatically save tasks that are not downloaded and send prompts when the related tasks are completed, which is much more humane than the web version.