What If There is No PS? These 4 Online Graphic Artifacts are Lightweight, Efficient and Free

Photoshop is a common tool for most jobs.
A lot of times we have to use these tools to meet some simple typography, picture processing, sizing, or to do some simple results, all of which require Photoshop. But a lot of times, we’re going to have a lot of embarrassment on our hands because there’s no Photoshop.

There are many situations, such as “personal version” of Photoshop purchase is still inconvenient, and not every company will be equipped with Enterprise version of Photoshop.

Even if the company has, but as long as you are not a designer and photography related departments, Photoshop’s problems still have to be solved on their own. And, if you change a computer that doesn’t have Photoshop installed, and you’re going to be in a hurry to process PSD files yourself, it’s a more embarrassing situation. After all, like Photoshop, Lightroom and other Adobe family barrel things, even if you buy a genuine service, it is not moment can pack things.

Previously,¬†we referred to a solution in the direction of “Web application” in the recommendation for Web apps, including a tool called Photopea.
In addition to this, there are a number of online picture solutions available on the web that make it easy for you to do some simple processing online without the hassle of carrying a bunch of apps and software on the ground. If you simply deal with PSD files, or do some basic adjustments and processing to the pictures, then these applications have been able to solve the problem. Some software also provides features such as “keying” and “Batch size processing”, which are integrated into a complete picture processing solution.

Photopea: Photoshop that can also be used without downloading

To say the online Photoshop tool, Photopea is one that has to be mentioned.

As mentioned earlier, Photopea is an online picture processing tool. Whether it’s interface, format support, and internal functionality, it’s almost the same as Photoshop. As you can see from the interface, Photoshop needs to use layers, the toolbar on the left, Photopea is already fully functional. To do some simple picture typesetting, or picture modification processing, Photopea can also be competent.

Photopea itself already supports file processing in RAW format, just as Photoshop has added the Cameraraw plug-in, there is no problem that users can also fix raw photos directly on the PHOTOPEA. Here, whether it’s Photoshop or Lightroom, the RAW support updates for the new machine are still to be implemented through plug-in updates and software updates. If Adobe officials do not launch the corresponding Cameraraw version, or if you do not update to Cameraraw in time, RAW support for the new machine is still a hassle.

and Photopea as a complete online application, the support for RAW files has been integrated into the interior, there is no need to update the situation separately.

Compared to the need for independent cameraraw, there is still its convenience here. It is not known how PHOTOPEA support for RAW, but if it is really possible to maintain a more stable and rapid update frequency, then Photopea is indeed a good “first aid” tool. At the very least, when you get used to just saving RAW, there’s no embarrassment of not being open.

Although photopea in the functional aspects of the implementation of a relatively good, but still a lot of simplification. At its simplest, Photopea is not equipped with the “timeline” option.
Even if you import a GIF, it can be opened, but the entire GIF animation will be placed on top of the layer, and Photopea doesn’t have that feature. May be based on the “online application” of its own property considerations, Photopea also does not have Photoshop “import frames from video” These functions, so to do animation or to use Photoshop Bar, Photopea only used to process static images on it.

In terms of use, PHOTOPEA’s operations are actually similar to Photoshop’s. They have similar functional layout, as well as similar “shortcut keys” operations. Basic operations, such as using the “magic wand” selection area, Photopea’s operational response speed is actually OK.
As long as the picture is not too big, it is actually OK to deal with it. Shortcut keys, because to be separated from the browser’s shortcut keys, so some of the key combinations will be somewhat different.

For example, if used on the Mac, originally in Photoshop with the “command+ button” combination will be replaced by the “control+ button”, some with the browser shortcuts conflict, Photopea will also change, they also collated the document to the user, the overall experience can still be, It’s just that when you use it you also need to change the habit of shortcut keys.

Overall, Photopea is a relatively complete Photoshop replacement. Picture editing function has been greatly improved, in addition to GIF animation editing and the addition of presets and other more specialized functions can not do, other Photoshop functions are still able to meet.

Photopea format compatibility is also very comprehensive, it is to become a good Photoshop supplement is actually good, in the face of Chromebook This category of products, Photopea also has enough ability to cope with most of the problems. Also, PHOTOPEA supports offline operations so that users don’t have to worry that the platform will steal their own picture data. In this mode, the picture does not upload, loading, processing speed will be a little faster. As long as you’re not a photo taken by a high-pixel fuselage, Photopea’s efficiency is still acceptable.

Finally, the price, Photopea is almost entirely a free app, and its paid subscription service is also used to do removal ads.

From the current layout, advertising will not affect the operation for the time being. So as long as you do not grapple with this problem, but also not Chromebook users and need to use PHOTOPEA for a long time, it is not enough to subscribe.

The appearance of Photopea, so that the online picture processing more changes and practicality.
Previously able to process pictures online is not many applications, some may be some of the functions of a relatively single product, in recent years has only begun to have more functional coverage of things, such as PIXLR, Ribbet and other tools, domestic also has the United States Meituxiu this kind of products can handle pictures. If you want to go to a more granular picture processing, or in the. PSD and RAW format of such pictures, can only be through the local side of the professional application to solve the problem.

Now with Photopea, it’s a bit easier to solve the problem. But in the face of some users who are not used to Photoshop, or do not need to deal with. PSD this kind of special format of people, they only need to deal with some specific needs, in fact, there are some simpler software to replace:

Remove BG, convenient and free background removal tool

Some users choose Photopea or Photoshop, mainly for the “magic wand” this familiar function, convenient for them to key the map.

Remove BG is a fully automated online application where users only need to upload pictures to a tool, or submit a picture crawl URL, and put the picture in removes BG. After crawling, remove BG will be processed for about 5 seconds to arrive at a picture that removes the background.

Although remove BG is easy to use and efficient, it is possible to identify errors in the face of complex scenarios.
Plus, it doesn’t have room to adjust manually, so sometimes it’s still more embarrassing. However, compared to some paid apps, remove BG is still a completely free automatic keying software, the picture output will not be watermark, which should be in addition to fast, one of the most praiseworthy points.
Imagetoolbox and Promo, tools for handling picture sizes
Before, macutility.com issue on the “Picture batch processing” This feature introduced the bulk of the United States Meituxiu Web version. In fact, in addition to the United States Meituxiu, a lot of online software has provided picture batch services, which include format conversion, picture size adjustment, two of the most common requirements. In addition to the United States Meituxiu, there are two apps to try.
Imagetoolbox is an online tool that specializes in providing picture batch size conversion and conversion formats, formatted output supports JPEG and PNG two formats, in addition to selecting file formats, it can also adjust the quality of picture output, in terms of image size processing, Imagtoolbox
The practicality is OK. As for Promo, this is a picture cutting tool specifically designed for social network picture display.
Promo has a large number of display picture templates inside, corresponding to the
Facebook,twitter,instagram,youtube,pinterest,linkedin,snapchat and other pages on the picture display format ratio, such as Facebook’s cover chart
, Twitter’s top map, and so on, can be cut through the Promo, can be said to be a highly targeted tool.
These two software are actually very specialized products, Imagetoolbox is responsible for bulk picture size and format, Promo is used to do targeted picture scale cutting, if your purpose is very clear, then they are really the fastest solution to the problem. But the short board is also here, the two applications are too specialized, the function is too little, so generally will not use, more online search for tools, I prefer to choose some more functional coverage of the product.
What we need is a supplement, not a substitute.
Whether it’s a photopea or a follow-up solution such as remove BG, these online applications do solve our problems, and each one is targeted, and it doesn’t really work much worse than our own tossing local software.
Online apps are also a good choice if you only need to quickly resolve some of the most targeted issues.
From today’s selection of these applications, it seems that this conclusion is also applicable to the processing of pictures. But it is also now possible to see that the short plates of online applications are also because they are too “specialized”.
With the exception of Photopea Amerto or Mara.photos, where large coverage is used, most products are developed for a particular feature. If you have more process of processing pictures, it will take a lot of time to upload to the network, and it is really not much convenient.