Writefull – A Perfect English Academic Writing Tools for All Sutdents

I believe that many non-native students who need to write in English to complete academic papers or reports are often tortured to death by the harsh demands of Academic Writing (academic writing), each time writing a mind to do a variety of grammar, spelling, words and other aspects of proofreading, But in the end, it is inevitable that the teacher will find the wrong.

The reason for this problem is, on the one hand, those non-native English students rarely have professionally Academic Writing training, and on the other hand, because many of these students do not know where to obtain authoritative references. When it comes to academic writing, Google Scholar is certainly an authoritative reference to the past, but there is no reference to searching the relevant vocabulary directly in Google Scholar because you can’t know how often the word is used, that is, you can’t do it based on Google Scholar.

The frequency with which this word appears in all articles to determine whether it is widely accepted as professional academic usage. And the appearance of Writefull can be said to be a solution to this pain point. According to Writefull’s official website, Writefull uses four databases, Google Books, Google Web, Google Scholar and Google News, as data sources that protect the authority of references and provide a multifaceted choice 。 If you want to make sure that your English writing meets the requirements of Academic Writing to the greatest extent possible, you can select only Google Scholar or Google Books as the data source.

▍ Word frequency Query

As the most core function of Writefull, Word frequency query is embodied in each of its query types. First, Writefull provides two of the most direct ways to query word frequency. The first is the simplest query of a single word, phrase, or sentence. After entering what we want to query in the input box, we can select your search target by clicking on the four database options below. In this type of query, Writefull shows the “number of occurrences”, based on which we can determine whether the content we enter is widely used in academic works. Second, we can use Writefull to compare the “frequency of occurrence” of the two expressions. As long as “vs” is entered between the two comparison objects, we can compare who is more popular in the corresponding database. Unlike in a previous way, this shows the “frequency of occurrence” of each comparison object, expressed as a percentage, which is easier to compare sizes. It is worth noting that the “frequency of occurrence” of the higher comparison object does not represent more correct, you still need to analyze according to the context you write, the results of Writefull just give you a reference when you are hesitant.

▍ Missing words and synonyms query

In the vast majority of cases, we need to choose the expression that we think is most appropriate according to the context, so simple word frequency query obviously cannot solve this problem. The Writefull can find the vacant words according to the context and give the corresponding frequency of each word to appear. With the support of context, the results of this lookup can be regarded to a large extent as the most appropriate way to express it. If you already have a complete sentence, just want to do not break the context of the paraphrase (paraphrase) sentence, then the commonly used technique is not only to change synonyms, but also change sentences and so on. Writefull also offers synonym lookup, so you can get more than one synonym for the word or two phrases you need to replace in the sentence you entered, and you’ll have multiple synonyms and show the corresponding “frequency of occurrence” as a reference.

▍ Translation, interpretation & amp; pronunciation

In addition to its core functionality, Writefull provides functionality close to a common dictionary. After entering/translate into the text box and continuing to enter what you want to translate, Writefull can display translation results between multiple languages, but Chinese is not yet supported. After entering the text box to enter the/define to continue to enter the content you want to get interpreted, you can explain it in detail, as in the English-English dictionary effect. Also, you can click the Horn button next to the word to listen to the pronunciation, or go straight to the text box after entering the/say and continue to add what you want to find and listen directly to the pronunciation.

▍ More details

As a small and beautiful tool, Writefull, although not rich in features, but in the various details to do a remarkable. For example, after you click on any of the results in any word frequency query interface, the entry expands to its complete sentence, showing more content. You can also record a shortcut key in the settings, and when you select text in any other app to trigger a shortcut key, you can query the appropriate content directly in the Writefull.

Writefull offers multi-platform clients such as macOS, Chrome, Windows, and Linux, which you can download for free on the official website (https://writefullapp.com/).