You Can Simply Create Your Own Design with These 5 Website

In everyone’s impression, want to complete the beautiful design, must master PS, AI, Sketch and other professional mapping tools can be. In fact, there are many websites that can help us without professional design tools, making a lot of beautiful designs and completing our own design needs. Today, let’s take a look at these sites.

▍ Prototype Design

STUDIO STUDIO is a design site developed by the Japanese team that can easily complete mobile apps and web prototypes. When you sign up for your account login, there will be a very friendly instructional guide to tell you some simple actions.

STUDIO can create two of design documents for the iPhone App and Web.

STUDIO has built-in picture libraries, font libraries, icon libraries, and, depending on the document format you choose, provides style footage controls such as STUDIO STYLE, Material Design, and iOS UI Design, as long as you drag and combine controls to suit your own ideas. It is important to note that STUDIO’s design principles, similar to the composition of Web pages, are based on square Box containers, and each Box container can only be arranged next to a Box container. By setting different Margin (outer margins) and Padding (inner margins) to adjust the position of the element, it is not free for the mouse to drag and drop to control the placement of the Box. With the 7 box sorting method provided by STUDIO and Box nesting, you can complete a variety of design styles.

Once you understand the concept of Box, you can easily drag and drop out of an ideal App design in mind. I also casually dragged an App design page, to show you.

STUDIO also supports jumps between different pages, completing simple interaction prototypes, and when you’re done designing, you can share your designs by creating links.

▍LOGO Design
Free Logo Design

Free Logo design is a website that can help us make online Logo designs, after logging into the website, enter the text information you want to display, and click START, select a Logo template you like, you can start your design journey. Free Logo Design not only provides a variety of Logo templates, but also you can according to their own design needs, add text, shapes, icons and other elements to enrich your design.

Once you’ve finished your design, click SAVE to download it, and it’s important to note that the free version only offers a 200 * 200 megapixel version download.

▍ Promotional Object Design

Canva Canva is a design site that can help you complete a variety of types of promotional items, whether it’s posters, Banner, logos, resumes, it’s easy and fast to do, and Canva offers an extremely rich design type for you to choose from.

Once you have selected a design type, you can use Canva to start your design, using the provided layout templates, pictures, backgrounds, fonts and other elements, you can make a very beautiful promotional design.


Crello is a website that can design posters online, offering a wealth of poster templates to choose from, and using Crello can be a good choice when you want to quickly make a poster. Once you’ve created your design project, choose a poster template that you like, replace the elements in it, and you’ll be able to quickly complete a poster that belongs to you. It is important to note that some of the templates and elements in Crello are available for a fee.

Gravit Klex

Gravit Klex is also a website that can design posters online, with features and usage and Crello that are basically the same, except that two sites offer different design templates and design elements, and if Crello don’t have your favorite poster template on them, you might as well come to Gravit Klex On it, I personally prefer the design template of Gravit Klex.

Through the above website, you can meet your various design needs without the experience of designing software usage. Of course, you can also find some design inspiration for you by referring to the design templates of these sites. Whether it’s using design software or designing template sites, as long as you can make your own satisfactory design, they are just different design tools.